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In March our colleagues Lauren Royston of the Socio-Economic Rights Institute, and Allan Cain of Development Workshop, attended the Annual World Bank Land and Poverty Conference. The theme of the event was "Integrating Land Governance into the Post-2015 Agenda".

Lauren and Allan presented work that had emerged from Urban LandMark's Tenure Security Facility Southern Africa project. They discussed a series of promising practices that had been documented in informal settlement upgrading. And they presented evidence that locally managed processes in informal settlements enable residents to access land, and that such transactions occur even in countries where the land is nationalized or where land cannot be legally sold without the authority of the state.

The full conference programme and abstracts can be accessed on the World Bank website. The work is captured in the booklet on Promising Practices, where you can also find the presentation.

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All our learning resources are available for download. A variety of case studies is also available.

Our annual reviews report on activities, events and stakeholder engagements. The most recent report (2011-2013) can be downloaded here [829kb].

Urban LandMark is now hosted by the SA Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

Our new book is available online and in hard copy from the publishers.

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